Miami dad arrested after 8-year-old son brings loaded gun to school in book bag

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MIAMI – A father is behind bars after his 8-year-old son brought a loaded gun to school, reports CBS Miami.

Ramon Nuiry, 53, was booked into jail on Thursday after allegedly admitting to police that he put his loaded gun inside his son’s book-bag and forgot to remove it before the child went to school.

His son then took the gun to Kendale Elementary School.

According to an arrest report, Nuiry realized what happened and went to the school to retrieve the gun. When he arrived at the school and asked office staff to have his son come to the main office with his book bag, per the report.

A parent inside the office saw Nuiry remove the gun from his child’s bag and place it inside one he brought with him, according to the arrest report. That parent told school administrators, who notified police.

Nuiry was arrested without incident when he returned to the school at dismissal time.

Police recovered a loaded handgun inside Nuiry’s vehicle, which he later confirmed to authorities was the same gun that was left inside his son’s book bag.

John Schuster with Miami-Dade County Public Schools released the following statement:

“The actions of this irresponsible parent who would risk the safety and security of children and others by storing a weapon in his child’s bookbag are abhorrent and reckless. It is extremely fortunate that this incident was handled quickly and safely, without any disruption to the school day.”

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