Truck destroys bridge after crashing entire cargo of corn at high-speed

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Truck destroys bridge after crashing entire cargo of corn at high-speed

The moment of impact when a truck crashed into a bridge (Picture: CBC)

This is the dramatic moment a truck full of corn crashed into a bridge and exploded after the driver forgot to lower its trailer. 

Criminal charges could be brought against the driver of the truck which crashed on Montreal’s Highway 40 East.

The crash sparked traffic deadlock for miles in the Canadian city.

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Fortunately, no-one was injured in the crash, which resulted in corn flying everywhere.

Quebec government spokesperson Daniel Thibodeau told CTV News: ‘If there are criminal accusations that could be brought, they will be brought. These are major incidents that tie up traffic and have a huge human toll.

Credit: CBC

Drivers frantically tried to warn the truck about the oncoming bridge (Picture: CBC)

‘There are people that were not able to get to work, there’s people that missed appointments, there are health concerns.

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‘At this point, (we’re investigating whether) the signals were functional, was there something wrong with the hydraulics, did something not work or was something accidentally deployed or ignored? These are the elements we’re looking at and it could lead to criminal charges.’

The pedestrian overpass had to be dismantled on Wednesday night due to the severity of the damage.

Video uploaded online appears to show drivers warning the truck driver to slow down but they were ignored.

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